Inappropriate Charge of 'Genocide' Against Jethro Knights

One definition of genocide (from Wikipedia): Genocide is "the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, Caste, religious, or national group."

Yes, there is attempted genocide in this book, but it is coming from the EXACT OPPOSITE direction from what some critics have alleged.

You will not find anywhere in this book that any group is deliberately targeted for destruction by the leader of the transhumanists, Jethro Knights, merely because they are a member of a particular group. Rather, all who are intentionally targeted by Knights, are killed because they have declared war on and attacked the transhumanists. You will, however, find REPEATED examples of a coalition of religious extremist groups and the governments of many countries targeting transhumanists for a GROUP.  

Many scientists are murdered by terrorists BECAUSE of the group they are a part of - transhumanists - and the navies of many countries surround the transhumanist city and fire an all-out missile attack in an attempt to totally destroy it and wipeout an entire group of people - BECAUSE of the group they belonged to - including about 10,000 of the world's top scientists and engineers for the CAPITAL CRIME of what?…wait for it…DOING SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING. And after that failed, many world governments targeted them for NUCLEAR annihilation SOLELY because they were transhumanists.

Yes, you will also find innocent people being killed in this war (WHICH WAS DECLARED ON THE TRANSHUMANISTS WHO ONLY WANTED TO BE LEFT ALONE TO CREATE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY THAT THE WHOLE WORLD EVENTUALLY BENEFITTED FROM), as innocent people are killed in ALL wars, but they are not killed because they are unworthy, or weak, or stupid or don't "contribute to the goals of transhumanism." 

To the contrary, Knights widely publishes the exact times and locations of his planned counterattacks, REPEATEDLY in the media, SPECIFICALLY to minimize the amount of innocent loss of life. 

From the book: 

"We will attempt to avoid casualties to the populace. Infrastructure will be left untouched wherever possible."…"We want to TEACH the people of the outside world, not DESTROY them; we want to CONVINCE them, not DICTATE them; we want them to JOIN us, not FIGHT us."

If these are the words of a genocidal maniac, he appears to be the LAMEST genocidal maniac in history. He should have his Genocidal Maniac Card revoked IMMEDIATELY and charged with "gross incompetence" by the official Genocidal Maniac Card issuing body.

The people who ended up dying in these attacks were those who insisted on staying at a targeted site in spite of Jethro's REPEATED warnings.

Imagine if Hitler had used the Jethro Knights approach: Announced repeatedly, through the media that at all of his various gas chambers in different countries he was going to turn on the deadly gas at particular locations, on particular days and times. 

And after all of those warnings, at one of his locations a bunch of people purposefully showed-up so they could be there when the gas was released and they died. 

If this had been Hitler's story, he would not be near the top of the list of the most famous genocidal murderers in history. He would be a footnote about some lunatic who wanted to be a genocidal dictator but was so STUPID that he warned people about his gassings so they could easily avoid becoming a victim, and about some other suicidal lunatics who delivered themselves to be gassed at ONE of the locations. No Holocaust. No charge of GENOCIDE. Just a bizarre event.

Remember, genocide is the intentional destruction of a particular group of people who were selected BECAUSE they belonged to that particular group. Knights' CLEAR intention was to destroy these places without ANYONE getting killed. That's why he warned the ENTIRE WORLD of exactly when it was going to happen. And the WHOLE WORLD listened except a few hundred irrational people.

Knights didn't select any particular group of people to be killed, because of their ethnicity, or because they were homosexuals or gypsies, as Hitler did. The people who placed themselves at the targeted site, selected THEMSELVES. This was a MASS-SUICIDE, not a genocide. 

The book says that "hundreds" of people, including the Pope, chose to be at the Vatican at the time when the bombing was scheduled. They were all killed. In addition to all the previous warnings, the people at the Vatican "were repeatedly warned by the police and the media to depart the area." 

Many other places were destroyed in addition to the Vatican but there was no mention of any other people intentionally placing themselves in the path of those bombs, so it appears that these few hundred people made themselves the EXCEPTION to this otherwise casualty-free operation.

Yes, there comes a time in the book where, after REPEATED attacks on the transhumanists and threats of future ESCALATED attacks, Jethro tells his attackers that if they attack one more time and with even greater force, he will "annihilate" them...the people attacking him, NOT the entire world of "unfit" people. In this scenario, are the transhumanists the aggressors attempting a genocide or are they defending themselves against a genocidal aggressor? 

This is clearly self-defense. They had been pushed to the limit and needed to remove a constant threat. And it must be pointed out that he NEVER DID annihilate them. To the contrary, he tried to kill as few people and only as many of the "right" ones as necessary. Recall that when the transhumanists successfully defended themselves against the world's great Navies that attacked them, they sent out boats to rescue as many survivors as they could.

Violence was not the course that the transhumanists wanted, but the rest of the world continually escalated their WAR on them and showed NO SIGNS of letting up on their attempted GENOCIDE of them, so the transhumanists, with their superior technology and tactics, had little choice but to de-fang this GENOCIDAL MONSTER and replace its world dominance with a system that would bring progress and a great improvement in the quality of life to the world at large.

Knights says to the transhumanists: "...take the inventions, technologies, discoveries, and new fields of science we have created here and share them. Share them all: the cures for cancers, the anti-aging innovations, the aerospace advancements, the biotech tissues, the neurotech enhancements, the microchip improvements, the robotic technologies; anything and everything that will kick-start their economies, spawn new commerce, and enhance relations with the world's people." 

Again, this sounds like no genocidal dictator I've ever heard of, but maybe I'm weird. ;-)

So really, let's not sling the G-word around so matter-of-factly.

If you absolutely INSIST on mentioning genocide, however, it would be TOTALLY accurate to mention the attempted genocide by the many world governments against the transhumanists.