The Transhumanist Wager: A Call for Militant Action?

To those who conflate Zoltan with Jethro and think that the TW is a prescription and call for militant action: I have seen, heard, and read many interviews of Zoltan and he speaks of purposefully writing in EXTREME terms as an artistic and rhetorical choice. He doesn't personally adhere to or endorse ALL of what Jethro says or does.

From interviews:

"I also hope the scenario in my book is precautionary rather than predictive. Nothing would make me happier than an efficient, peaceful, and lasting transition to a truly pro-science culture in the world."

“My intent with writing the novel was not to blindly follow someone like Jethro Knights, but to create a story that is both a warning of the future—and also a chance to consider new ideas. The novel and Jethro’s character is, hopefully, also a way to entertain people while challenging them.”

On the issue of the plausibility of the scenario in TW:

Even Zoltan himself has said in the Singularity 1 on 1 interview: "We paint these pictures as novelists in such scenarios where it probably…a set of circumstances like that will never occur." This does not mean, however, that Zoltan has disowned or doesn't want to "defend" his ideas. He has created extreme scenarios to push his characters to see how far they will go for their "ideals" and to get the readers to ask THEMSELVES where their own boundaries would be if pushed by an extreme situation.